Tue, 19 Dec 2000

Mandar ready to form new province

MAKASSAR, South Sulawesi: Mandar people, grouped under the West Sulawesi Action Committee (KAPSB) renewed their readiness on Monday to separate from the South Sulawesi province and establish a West Sulawesi province to enable them to manage their own resources.

These views were aired by KAPSB chairman Rahmat Hassan during a hearing with the chairman of South Sulawesi Provincial legislative council's commission A, Andi Burhanuddin.

Rahmat said KAPSB had drafted a proposal, containing lists of natural and human resources and plans to exploit various resources in three regencies, which are expected to form the West Sulawesi province, namely Polmas, Majene and Mamuju.

He added that KAPSB would organize a congress, dubbed the Mandar People's Congress on Jan. 21 which will be participated in by thousands of people from various sectors of the society to popularize the plan.

"This will convince the public that West Sulawesi is ready to become a province and it is the people's aspiration," Rahmat said.

"Mandar has been and will always be independent and there will be no problem after separating from South Sulawesi," Rahmat added. (27/lup)