Tue, 30 May 2000

Man wanted for scam, fake money

JAKARTA (JP): Central Jakarta Police pledged to find the suspect in a fraud that involved counterfeit money, a police official said on Monday.

Central Jakarta Police Precinct Second Lt. Arya Perdana told reporters about the deception involving a swindler who chose his victim at an office complex.

Arya said that the criminal was clever enough to cheat his victim, Muhammad Abdu, 22, by taking his motorcycle using counterfeit money as guarantee.

"Abdu was on Jl. Pejagalan Raya in Central Jakarta, riding his Honda Astrea motorcycle to find a job. Then, an unidentified man, approached him and offered him a position," Arya said.

Abdu, who was in dire need of money, believed the man and followed him when he suggested Abdu go to his rented room on Jl. Paseban in Senen district.

"They both, went there. When they arrived, the man asked the house owner, 22-year-old Adhitya Iskandar, to stay with Abdu, until he returned," he said.

The man, Arya explained, borrowed Abdu's motorbike and left him fifty-three Rp 50,000 bills, totaling Rp 2.65 million, as a guarantee. "He promised that he would return soon."

The two men waited for two hours, but the swindler never returned. When they examined the Rp 50,000 bills, they realized that they were fake and reported the case to the police. (06)