Fri, 18 May 2001

Man shot, robbed of Rp 100m in North Jakarta

JAKARTA (JP): A man identified as E. Makmun bin Rais, 44, was shot in his right hand during a robbery on Jl. Bugis on Thursday, police said.

The four robbers, riding on two motorcycles, were able to escape with Rp 100 million that Makmun had earlier withdrawn from the bank.

North Jakarta Police chief Sr. Comr. Andi Chaeruddin said his detectives were searching for the four suspects.

The officer said the shooting and the robbery occurred in the parking lot of PT Ekalima, the firm where Makmun is employed, at about 11 a.m.

The police collected a bullet shell from the scene, as well as confiscating a gun belonging to the victim.

"The victim apparently carried a gun with him ... he said it was for his protection. The police are still checking whether the gun was legally registered by the victim," Andi said on Thursday.

Makmun, the finance director at PT Ekalima, told the police he withdrew Rp 100 million from the Bank Central Asia branch on Jl. Enggano in North Jakarta. He was accompanied by an Army soldier for protection.

Andi said Makmun went to the bank in a Panther van driven by his driver, Yadi, who was also a witness to the robbery.

Upon returning to the PT Ekalima office, two men approached Makmun as he got out of his vehicle and attempted to grab the bag containing the money, Andi said.

When Makmun refused to let go of the bag, one of the suspects shot Makmun in the hand. The suspects then snatched the bag and escaped on two Yamaha RX-King motorcycles. (ylt)