Sat, 03 Jun 2000

Man reports car robbery

JAKARTA (JP): A man reported on Friday the robbery of a rented 1995 model silver Mercedes Benz to the city police headquarters, and that he had allegedly been drugged by the thieves.

A city police detective identified the man who lodged the complaint as Subur, 36, a resident of Bali Matraman in Manggarai Selatan, South Jakarta.

"Subur named a lawyer, Syamsuddin Abdullah, as one of the witnesses. The Mercedes Benz -- registration number B-6-F -- actually belongs to him," the detective, who requested anonymity, said.

The detective said that on May 29, Syamsuddin's daughter, lawyer Maya Ratnasari, rented the car to a man identified only as Cy.

"We don't know where this Cy is, but we plan to bring him in soon for questioning. Cy then rented the car, and Subur, who claims to be Cy's driver, to a man identified only as Yananto," he said.

Yananto and an as yet unidentified friend got Subur to drive the Mercedes Benz to several places on May 29, until about 9 p.m., when they ended up at the Patra Jasa karaoke bar in South Jakarta.

"There I was forced by Yananto to drink a black-colored beer, and I drank it .. after that I didn't know what happened. I fell unconscious," Subur said.

"When I awoke, the car was gone. Based on this, I have come to the city police." (ylt)