Wed, 29 Nov 2000

Man killed for stealing a duck

JAKARTA (JP): Thirty-year-old Odin was beaten to death on Sunday by residents in Karang Setia subdistrict in Cikarang, Bekasi, after he was caught red-handed stealing a duck, a police report said.

The report said Odin was trying to steal a duck belonging to Caca, 41, from its cage at Caca's house at 4:30 a.m. when the latter heard a noise and yelled "Thief! Thief!" which woke the neighbors.

"The people immediately caught Odin when he tried to flee and beat him to death," the report said, adding that the slain man suffered from serious head injuries.

The police later arrived at the scene and confiscated the duck as evidence. No arrests have been made. (jaw)