Wed, 28 Jun 2000

Man gets robbed at city police gas station

JAKARTA (JP): City police detectives are still in the dark over a recent violent van robbery, which occurred at a gas station inside the Jakarta Police headquarters.

A police detective who requested anonymity told The Jakarta Post on Monday that the police report on the crime had been "kept almost hidden," since the time it was made on June 18, the date of the incident.

"Police are frankly ashamed of this incident," the detective said.

The detective said the victim, a man identified as Agus Salim, 40, had been violently robbed of his van by a man dressed in police uniform, right in front of the gas station at the city police headquarters on June 18.

"At about 2 a.m. on that day, Agus was driving his red metallic Toyota Kijang van on Jl. Angkasa in Central Jakarta," the detective said.

"Suddenly a man, dressed in police uniform and identified only as OS, stopped the van and asked Agus to hand over his driver's license and car documents," the detective said.

Agus did not ask any questions and handed the "alleged officer" his car documents and driver's license for examination.

"The so-called officer informed Agus that he found the license and car documents suspicious. The alleged officer sat in the van and ordered Agus to drive to the city police headquarters for further examinations," the detective said.

"Upon reaching the gas station at city police, the alleged officer hit Agus's head hard with a blunt object, and threw Agus out of the van. The car thief then took off with the van."

The detective said police were still looking into the case. (ylt)