Mon, 14 Feb 2000

Man dies from speeding motorbike

JAKARTA (JP): A man died after being hit by a speeding motorbike on Jl. Raya Bogor, East Jakarta, which was allegedly driven by a member of the military, an official said on Saturday.

One of the security personnel at the nearby depot of PT Mayasari Bhakti Bus, who refused to be named, said the victim, identified as Maman, 38, was crossing the street in front of the depot on Saturday morning, when suddenly a speeding motorbike struck him.

"Both Maman and the motorbike driver suffered injuries to their heads after being thrown to the street," he told reporters.

Local residents, who saw the incident, beat the motorbike driver. Realizing that he was a member of the Indonesian Air Force, the driver was taken to the Jakarta Military Police Headquarters in Guntur area, South Jakarta, the witness said.

Maman died a few hours later from severe head injuries. (06)