Mon, 10 Apr 2000

Man arrested over widow's murder

JAKARTA (JP): West Jakarta Police arrested a man over the murder of a widow on Jl. Delima Raya in Tanjung Duren Utara, West Jakarta, on Thursday night.

West Jakarta Police chief Col. Adjie Rustam Ramdja identified the victim as Yosephina Silvia Yosanti, 51, and the suspect as Tajudin, 24, one of four construction workers working on the new home of Yosephina, being constructed on Jl. Delima Raya.

"Tajudin had planned the robbery. He ended up murdering and getting nothing," Adjie told reporters on Friday.

"We found the murder weapon, a blood-smeared knife, and the suspect's bloodied clothes in Yosephina's unfinished home."

Adjie said that on Thursday night, Tajudin entered the house where Yosephina and her daughter, Czarina Innocentia, 25, were staying, from the roof.

Tajudin jumped into the kitchen and picked up a kitchen knife, the murder weapon. He had just reached the living room when suddenly Czarina saw him, Adjie said.

Tajudin hit her hard.

"Czarina fell. She pretended to be unconscious," he said.

When Yosephina came out of her room, she screamed upon seeing Tajudin.

"The suspect told her to go into the bedroom, where the lady was stabbed, twice in the stomach, to death," Adjie said.

During the stabbing, Czarina ran out of the house and screamed for help. Neighbors immediately alerted the Tanjung Duren Police. (ylt)