Sat, 12 Aug 2000

Man arrested for killing colleague

DENPASAR, Bali: In less than 12 hours police arrested on Thursday a man for killing his ex-colleague, thanks to a tip from an office boy.

Chief of Badung Police detectives unit Sr. Insp. Hussein Abubakar confirmed on Friday that Made Suratama Adi Santosa, 30, was arrested on Thursday hours after he killed Santi, 24, a staffer of PT Perwira Bhakti Sentra Sejahtera.

"We found Santi's body at about 9:00 a.m. local time on Thursday, and by 8:00 p.m. we had already apprehended the suspect," said Abubakar.

Police sources said that Arif Junaedi, 16, the office boy, revealed what he saw to the police, who had interrogated him for hours after the killing.

Previously Arif told the police that masked men robbed the office of money and killed Santi. Arif told the police later that Suratama made up the story and ordered him not to reveal it to the police.

Police then called Adi Santoso and asked him to come to the police station to testify as a witness. "We arrested him as soon as he showed up."

The suspect said that he stabbed Santi repeatedly for merely refusing "to be kissed on the cheek."

After 'finishing' off Santi, he stole Rp 400,000 cash belonging to the office from a cash box. "I spent the money with some friends in Kuta." (zen/sur)