Sat, 27 Sep 2003

Man accused of raping minor

JAKARTA: Police arrested a man on Friday on allegations he raped his 14-year-old neighbor, who is now four months pregnant.

The suspect, identified as Saudi, 61, who is a father of eight and a grandfather of seven, told reporters he raped the girl several times between May and September "because his wife has lost the desire".

The police said the victim was asked by the suspect to buy a pack of cigarettes for him, and when she returned he allegedly dragged her into his house and raped her. The suspect allegedly gave the victim Rp 10,000 (US$1.17) and threatened to harm her if she told anybody what had happened.

When the victim's mother found out about the pregnancy, the girl told her about the alleged rape. The mother then told her neighbors, who early on Friday nabbed Saudi and took him to the South Jakarta Police Headquarters.

Saudi is being held by the police for questioning. -- Antara