Mon, 21 Aug 2000

Maluku to impose ID card check

AMBON, Maluku: The civil emergency ruler in Maluku announced on Saturday it would start a massive operation to check identity cards on Tuesday.

Ambon Mayor Chris Tanasale said the operation would mainly affect disputed areas of Diponegoro, Urimesing, Aster, Tanah Lapang Kecil and Air Salobar. The operation will run through Sept. 19, Chris added.

"Those who fail to show their identity cards or turn out to be unwanted outsiders will be taken to civil emergency security posts and the officers will decide their fates," Chris said.

Meanwhile, tension still gripped predominantly Christian Aboru village on Haruku island in Central Maluku regency on Sunday following an incident which killed a 13-year-old boy, Adri Saiya, on Friday.

Wem Nahumor, local community chief in Aboru confirmed on Sunday that Adri was killed in a mine blast which took place in the jungle of Pinang Putih at the border of restive Aboru and Pelauw villages. (49/edt)