Tue, 03 Aug 2010

Ambon, Maluku (ANTARA News) - The Maluku Expo 2010 will benefit Maluku province and could serve as a gate for the entry of investment for its economic development, a vice minister said.

"The presence of 169 handicraft product stands in the Maluku Expo arena is proof the rapid growth of industries in this province," Vice Minister for Industrial Affairs Aleks Retraubun said over the weekend.

Speaking on the sidelines of the expo here Retraubun said that the expo would be very useful for Maluku and could serve as a gate for investment to enter the province.

"The present of the 169 participants from Maluku and other provinces is a new record because the number of participants has never before reached this figure," he said.

He said that local handicraftsmen could also use this opportunity to conduct a comparative study so that they did not need to go to other provinces to increase their knowledge.

Retraubun said that on the national scale the growth of national industry was dominated by those in Java, namely about 70 percent while the remaining 30 percent were divided by other provinces, including Maluku.

"Industrial growth in the Eastern Indonesian region is still small. If I am not mistaken it reached only three percent," he said.