Wed, 03 Sep 2003

Malaria hits 11 regencies in C. Java

SEMARANG: Eleven of 35 regencies in Central Java are dealing with a malaria outbreak, but there have been no reported deaths from the mosquito-borne disease, provincial health office head Krishnajaya said here on Tuesday.

"We have been successful in fighting malaria from year to year. In 2002, there were 13 regencies affected by the disease and this year it is only 11 regencies," he said.

The 11 regencies are Purworejo, Banjarnegara, Wonosobo, Magelang, Kebumen, Purbalingga, Banyumas, Cilacap, Jepara, Pemalang and Pekalongan.

Krishnajaya said that since 2002, his office had not received any reports of deaths caused by the disease, which is carried by the aedes aegypty mosquito.

There were two malaria-related deaths reported two years ago, he added.

In Pemalang, malaria cases have been reported in two villages in one subdistrict. Krishnajaya declined to name the villages.

"In the near future, the two villages will be free of malaria. It is important we teach local residents how to implement the PSN (mosquito eradication) program." --JP