Fri, 19 Aug 1994

Making an apology

I would hereby like to make an apology to the organizers and members of BHH Harriers 2, whom I mentioned in my letter printed on Aug. 8, 1994. My letter was written in haste immediately after the run, and it was my mistake that I did not check the facts. The organizing committee paid our village office to clean up the area after their run. This has now been done.

I have met with the committee members to apologize, but would hereby also like to apologize in this column for any hurt or inconvenience I have caused to Members of BHH Harriers 2 and their organizers. It has also taught me a lesson, that when I feel outrage I should check the facts before putting pen to paper. I hope the Harriers accept this apology with grace and continue to enjoy their runs in the Pangandaran Area.


Pangandaran, W. Java