Tue, 23 May 2000

Main suspect in fake money case questioned

JAKARTA (JP): South Jakarta Police detectives have started questioning entrepreneur Seno Adjie, a much sought after suspect in connection with the Thursday's arrest of two alleged owners of counterfeit Rp 50,000 banknotes valued at Rp 25.7 million (US$3,000) in a money changer in Blok M area.

Lt. Col. Edward Aritonang, chief of the precinct, said Seno was questioned on the basis that one of the two arrested men, Nursidi, 29, had said that the money belonged to Seno and that Nursidi worked for Seno.

"We questioned Seno, but both Seno and Nursidi denied having anything to do with the fake money. Seno said that the money was not his, while Nursidi said that the money was given to him by Seno," Aritonang said on Monday.

"We even tried getting both men to confront each other. Seno agreed that Nursidi worked for him, but said that he didn't know about the (fake) money."

Aritonang earlier identified the arrested suspects as couriers Nursidi, 29, and Sukoso, 24, who worked for Seno.

"Nursidi said he has worked for Seno at PT Torr for about eight years," Aritonang said.

Security officers at money changer PT Indocev phoned the police about two men, who had brought in Rp 25.7 million in fake money.

"The security officer at the money changer told us that the suspects had meant to exchange the money for US$3,000, but when the money was put under the ultraviolet scanner, it did not turn out to be real money," Aritonang said.

Separately, witness M. Jamjuri of PT Indocev said he realized that the money was fake because the same serial number was found on several of the notes.

"I saw the numbers and knew something was wrong. I then got chief of PT Indocev security, Yulianto, to detain the two suspects and called South Jakarta Police," Jamjuri told the police. (ylt)