Tue, 01 Aug 2000

Maid found dead in E. Jakarta

JAKARTA (JP): Duren Sawit Police detectives are still searching for robbers believed to have broken into a house in the Cipinang Indah residential complex, East Jakarta.

"The thieves killed the young maid and escaped with 500 grams of jewelry on Sunday night," said chief of Duren Sawit Police Subprecinct Sr. Insp. Listyo Sigit Prabowo.

Listyo said the maid, identified as Sukismiati, 20, was found lying against the floor with bruises on her head and pieces of raffia on her neck, arms and legs. Police said the victim may have been strangled.

He said the employer, Andriani Kusumawardani, had left the house for Bali on Friday.

Andriani found the body when she arrived home on Sunday night and immediately reported it to the police, Listyo said.

"We estimate the victim was killed three days ago," he said.

Listyo said that the suspect might have recognized the maid, who was from Karang Anyar of Central Java, and killed her just to cover tracks. The suspicion was based on a lack of any signs of force at the site of the crime. (07)