Thu, 06 Jan 2000

Mahadi opposes Gelora Senayan takeover plan

JAKARTA (JP): State Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Mahadi Sinambela disagreed on Wednesday with Jakarta Governor Sutiyoso's proposal that the city authority take over the management of 279-hectares of land in the Gelora Senayan complex in Central Jakarta.

Mahadi said on Wednesday the Senayan complex, which is presently under the control of Gelora Senayan Management Board (BPGS), was state property, so it must be managed by the government.

"I have told the President that the government must continue to manage Gelora Senayan. The complex is a national interest, and not a provincial interest," he told reporters.

He said the Gelora Senayan complex not only consisted of the sports complex, but also ministry buildings, the People's Consultative Assembly/House of Representatives building and the state-run TVRI television station.

"In my opinion, Gelora Senayan is not a gold mine for the Jakarta authority to increase its revenues, although the complex has already contributed through its parking contributions and the land and building tax," he said.

Sutiyoso has repeatedly called for a single authority to manage all government-supervised properties in the capital to increase city revenues.

Mahadi also hoped the general public would give their opinion on this matter. "I want an exchange of thoughts with the general public. We have to consider the complex's historical background, and not only be aiming at increasing city revenues."

"We are elated by the new laws on regional autonomy," he added, referring to the new Regional Autonomy Law No. 22/1999 and Intergovernmental Fiscal Balance Law No. 25/1999. The laws, which were passed by the House last year, define a greater role and authority for provincial administrations.

"I don't know how the city authority will manage a big center like Gelora Senayan. They still can't stop becak (pedicabs) from operating in the city", Mahadi remarked.

Mahadi, who is one of the management board's deputy chiefs, also said his office and the board conducted the legal and financial audit for the board's assets. He said Nono Makarim & Tairas legal firm did the legal auditing, while the financial auditing was conducted by a team consisting of sports expert Imam Suyudi and banking expert I Nyoman Moena.

"They suggested we review the contracts between BPGS and the users of Senayan property and create a win-win solution," he said.(ivy)