Mon, 08 Mar 1999

Lufthansa improves seats

JAKARTA (JP): Lufthansa German Airlines has announced that it has spent DM 330 million (US$206 million) on new passenger seats in its aircraft to provide more comfort for passengers during long flights.

Lufthansa's visiting vice president for the Asia Pacific region, Manfred Reimer, said on Friday the new seats would be placed in the first, business and economy classes in Lufthansa's long-haul fleet.

"The new seats in first class can be converted into six-and-a- half-feet beds. Each unit can also be converted into a workplace, as it includes a power outlet to install a laptop," he said.

Refitting the Lufthansa 48 aircraft in its long-haul fleet with the new seats, he said, will be gradual, and is expected to be completed by May.

Reimer said that Lufthansa has also improved its services by offering wider choices of inflight dining and showers in its lounges in Frankfurt and Munich. (gis)