Fri, 26 Sep 2003

'Low politics'

Indonesia's political life has been marred by "low politics" these past years. Power struggle and the embezzlement of state funds cannot be inherited by the next generations.

Politicians are no longer capable of monitoring the government's performance. People who deserve protection and welfare have become target of illegal fees.

State budget and provincial development funds have been used only to meet the demands of officials who are fond of traveling overseas. It is really sad to see this country being managed by bandits.

There is a way to end these bad practices -- the 2004 general election.

Unfortunately, laws on the general election still reflect the status quo, as political parties have the power to count ballots during elections.

There have been signs of failure to create reform, as all Indonesians wanted in 1998. The pro status quo people will likely strengthen their grip on power.

-- Republika, Jakarta