Thu, 23 Nov 2000

Love your nature

I was sad to hear the news that one of the main causes of the flood in the Cilacap area, in Central Java, was illegal logging by irresponsible locals (TPI broadcast, Nov. 4, 2000). The flood has forced people to set up tents or flee to other areas thought to be safe. The flood was also reported to have claimed two lives.

This is an issue that people should be concerned about and they should be aware of the pivotal role of the environment. Unlike Sumatra and Kalimantan, Java is the most densely populated island in our republic. Therefore, education on environmental matters should be implemented.

Students must be taught and warned about the dangerous consequences that might come if they are indifferent about their environment. Even their lives are threatened. I herewith call on the authorities to include environment issues in the school curriculum as voiced by Rose and J. Nicholl (1997): "Our aim is to change the culture, to persuade people that they should care about their personal learning in the same way that they are all gradually learning to care about the environment and our own health".

So, love your nature or you might be carried away by it.