Mon, 17 Oct 1994

Lost parcels

I am frustrated, bewildered, and disappointed. Nearly four months ago my organization's office in Jakarta sent me three important parcels via Merpati Angkasa Courier, an Agent of Merpati Air Cargo service. I have yet to receive those parcels. They contain several important items, many of which are difficult to replace.

One of those is important medicine. After repeated contacts with their office in Jakarta, and after having been passed around to several different people in various locations (due to the bukan saya -- not my responsibility mentality), they finally agreed to search for the packages.

Nearly three weeks ago we were encouraged when we heard that they had found them in Ujungpandang. My office gave them instruction to send them on. After three weeks we still have not received them. My good friends at the Merpati Air Cargo Office in Irian Jaya have been in contact with their counterparts in Ujungpandang. My Office in Jakarta has been trying. Yet no parcels.

We don't want to fault anybody. We just want our parcels. If Merpati Angkasa Courier really has the parcels, why aren't they sending them on? After all, four months is long enough for any Air Cargo service to deliver, isn't it?


Jayapura, Irian Jaya