Wed, 21 Jun 2000

Locals ask for job at Menara Permai

BOGOR (JP): About 1,000 locals residing near the Menara Permai industrial complex at the regency rallied on Monday demanding factories operating in the area to give them jobs.

The demonstrators blocked the entrance of the complex from 6 a.m., preventing thousands of employees working at 11 factories inside the compound from entering the site.

"We have to eat, we demand the factories in this area hire us," Sutrisna, one of the demonstrators, said.

The rally which went peacefully at the beginning turned ugly after demonstrators vandalized a factory producing electrical components and its security post.

Cileungsi sub-district police personnel, who arrived later, managed to calm the demonstrators.

The rally ended after owners of the 11 factories promised to employ five local residents every month from June until December this year. (21/08)