Thu, 04 Dec 2003

Limp Bizkit face Indonesian lawsuit

JAKARTA: Not unfamiliar with lawsuits, American rock band Limp Bizkit might face another one, this time from Indonesian promoter Original Production for canceling its performance in Bali on Friday.

In a release on Tuesday, Original stated that vocalist Fred Durst's fear of the security situation had caused the band to cancel a series of concerts in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines, scheduled for this week and next.

Tommy Pratama from Original earlier told The Jakarta Post that the company was considering legal action as the contract stated that seven days notice must be given prior to the cancellation.

Known for its vocalist's bad boy persona, Limp Bizkit was sued earlier this year by fans, for leaving the stage after just 17 minutes of what was expected to be a 90-minute performance in a city near Chicago.

The suit also alleges that Durst let flow a tirade of sexually explicit and anti-gay insults to the crowd before challenging members of the audience to fight.

Another suit was made a couple of years back as a woman claimed Durst had thrown a microphone at her during a concert.-- JP