Sun, 06 Jul 2003

Lights of fancy

Entering the imposing gate at the Suzhou Lantern Festival 2003 at the Jakarta Fair in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, is like stepping into a little corner of China.

Situated in the Pasar Gambir section of the fairground, the festival features beautifully designed silk lanterns in all shapes and sizes, made by Chinese company Suzhou Gu Su Lanterns and Art Co. Ltd.

They are presented in the recreation of a Chinese city, Suzhou, complete with a sprawling good fortune tree and that classical designed gate.

Naturally, important symbols and motifs in Chinese culture are on show throughout. There are palaces and temples, as well as animal-shaped lanterns, like goats, known to bring good fortune, and the mythical dragon.

A symbol of grandeur and power in Chinese culture, the dragon is portrayed in several lanterns, including "the nine dragon wall", which recreates a structure in Beihai park, Beijing.

The reception to the festival has been so outstanding that it will be extended until the end of July. The beacons of creativity and friendship will keep on shining.

-- Text and photos by P.J. Leo