Sun, 22 Oct 2000

Life's Big Bottom Line

I'd done the world of doing
and was tired from the fight
A family, some charity,
fast cars and city lights

I'd done the world of doing
I was looking for a sign
of what to do when all was done
of what's the bottom line

So I visited a madman
who'd met many of my kind
Use thinking as a spade he said
dig for the bottom line

Well I dug through rocky issues
not sure of what I'd find
What exactly is the sound or shape
of life's big bottom line ?

The madman said keep digging deep
down where no light can shine
To questions never asked before
you'll reach the bottom line

I asked how much of what we see
is just my eyes' design?
And are our eyes tricked by our heart
to cloud the bottom line?

I asked the madman should my search
be done with heart or mind
He answered there's no answer
just dig for the bottom line

I asked myself if what I thought
was really truly mine?
How much was propaganda
to hide the bottom line?

And was the bottom line for me
unchanging over time?
And did my colleagues also have
the same great bottom line?

Well finally I shouted
"It's so dark I'm almost blind.
You said if I dug deep enough,
I'd find the bottom line."

The madman shouted back to me
you've left the world behind
Now you have the wisdom to
create your bottom line.

By Terry Russell