Tue, 06 Aug 2002

Legislator Slamet 'missing'

Did Golkar's Theo L. Sambuaga manage to get rid of legislator Slamet Effendy Yusuf?

This question popped into the heads of reporters upon seeing Theo taking up the position of deputy chairman of Commission A for constitutional amendment on Monday.

Reporters questioned the absence of Slamet, who was appointed deputy chairman of the commission on Sunday.

Legislator Baharuddin Aritonang told reporters that Slamet was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack late on Sunday.

Aritonang, however, did not know where Slamet was being treated.

Slamet, along with PDI Perjuangan legislator Jacob Tobing, is one of several legislators who have taken part in the constitutional amendment from the beginning.

Reporters often turn to Slamet and Jacob for the latest developments in the constitutional amendment process. -- JP