Mon, 14 Jul 2003

Legislator detained for graft

PADANG: After a series of interrogations, state prosecutors in Solok, West Sumatra decided to detain the speaker the local legislature, Saaduddin Chatib Bagindo for alleged embezzlement of Rp 61 million (US$7,625) which had been earmarked for the improvement of chicken farms in the regency.

Saaduddin is also the leader of Darussalam Muslim boarding school, which applied for the funds from the government for a chicken farm project.

During the questioning, Saaduddin told state prosecutors that he spent Rp 10 million to buy some 500 chickens and deposited the other Rp 51 million in his personal account.

During the course of the investigation, however, prosecutors found out that the legislator never bought the 500 chickens and allegedly spent the money instead for personal needs.

Saaduddin is the fifth legislator from the United Development party (PPP) detained, all for different reasons, in West Sumatra. --JP