Fri, 03 Nov 2000

Lawyers offended by police chief

MAKASSAR, South Sulawesi (JP): Hundreds of lawyers grouped in three associations in the province of South Sulawesi threatened to file a lawsuit against the provincial police chief Insp. Gen. Sofjan Jacob for his slanderous statements.

Andi Rudiyanto Asapa, spokesman for the lawyers said the police general's expression Pengacara Maju Tak Gentar Membela Yang Bayar (lawyers won't hesitate to defend whoever pays them) offended them.

The phrase was adapted from a verse of a patriotic song Maju tak gentar membela yang benar (no hesitation to defend the truth)

Andi said Sofjan made the statements in friendly coffee morning meeting between the police, lawyers and journalists, organized by the police on Monday, Oct. 31.

"The statements did embarrass lawyers. We cannot accept that. If he (Sofjan) fails to apologize within three days, we will take legal steps against him," Andi said.

He said the police chief must be held responsible for the statements which could mislead the people. (27/sur)