Sat, 04 Jun 1994

Laws for everybody

I am a European living in Singapore and travel frequently to beautiful Indonesia where I read your daily papers.

I am very fed up with these Americans, complaining about the canning of vandals and criminals in Singapore.

In fact, I was very disappointed that the Singaporean government lost face under the pressure of Clinton and his breed and gave only four strokes to that criminal Fay. In fact the majority of Singaporeans were disappointed. I wish they had added a few more strokes with the cane and I wish I had been the person who canned that criminal Fay, because most likely I would have forgotten to count, but since according to the Singaporean law, a special person has to be present, to count the strokes, I would have been temporarily deaf.

I would have insisted, that also the father and the mother of the criminal Fay should be caned.

The laws in Singapore are for every person the same, also for the great Americans.

If these superior Americans do not want to obey the laws in Singapore, or in Indonesia, let them go back to their crime infested country, have their cars smashed and their rotten cities vandalized.

St. John questions, what permanent damage has been done to Fay, his associates, his parents and who else.

To set it very straight, Fay is a criminal, who had to be punished, he is not the VICTIM. He is the AGGRESSOR.

Fay is only smiling now, because he knows, that in the rotten society of America he will soon be a millionaire, be selling his, most probably untrue, story of his canning.

I think, your (the Indonesian) government is going the right way, by discussing to introduce the canning to Indonesia and hopefully introducing it. In case they have to cane an American and are afraid of Clinton and his henchmen, I voluntarily would put myself into the position to do the canning, but first I would ask for a special training, how to handle the cane, in Singapore.