Mon, 07 Jun 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: Regional representatives (senate) supported the regional administration of South Sulawesi to evaluate mining contract of Brazilian Vale-Inco unit in the province in a meeting between the representatives and regional administration in the provincial seat of Makassar Makassar today (7/6).

Head of the Natural Resources and Economic Committee of the representative who lead a delegate of 8 senators for a four day visit in the province, Bambang Susilo said, “the 118,000 hectares of land in the contract is not efficiently explored, what is being planned for all the areas?”

He said the central government could no longer use the old system which excludes regional administration. “This is against the regional autonomy cause.”

Secretary of South Sulawesi Province Andi Muallim said PT Inco have only exploit 6,000 of 118,000 hectares it controlled in Luwu Timur Regency, and he said the contract should be revised as it harms the interest of regional government.