Wed, 21 Jul 2010

Sungailiat, Babel (ANTARA News) - Tin mining PT Tambang Timah is of the view that law enforcement on illegal tin mining is still weak so that it poses difficulties for the company to carry out its reclamation program.

"Law enforcement on illegal miners is weak so that mining sites that have been reclaimed are mined again by illegal miners," President Director of PT Tambang Timah Setyo Sarjono said here on Tuesday.

He said that the quite many illegal mining activities by the locals was one of the the constraints faced by PT Tambang Timah in reclaiming damaged land before it was returned the government.

"The constraint is that the use of land within the licensed mining locations which are still overlapping," he said.

He said that the locals were still doing illegal mining in the locations that had been reclaimed.

"Now the orderliness is being carried out by law enforcers when the price of tin on the world market is improving," the PT Tambang Timar director said.

That`s whey illegal mining continue to take place, even if the law enforcers are trying to put them in order.(*)