Tue, 27 Apr 2010

Bandarlampung (ANTARA News) - Lampung province`s jelly fish and sea cucumbers had been selling well on the world market, especially in Canada, Singapore, South Korea and the United States.

Head of the Lampung industry and trade agency Suparmo said here Monday that these commodities had been substantially produced, processed and exported by PT Keong Nusantara Abadi in Natar, South Lampung regency.

Suparmo said that while the exports had not been so high last year, but they continued to increase both in volume and foreign exchange revenue.

Last year, Lampung exported 488 tons of the commodities, earning 1.33 US dollars.
While in the same period of 2008 the exports reached 476 tons worth 1.32 million dollars, the volume increased by 2.59 percent, but the forex revenue increased only 1.39 pct.

According to the latest data, in December last year alone, Lampung exported 48.2 tons of the commodities worth 138.589 dollars.

The exports to Canada reached 27.49 tons worth 71,750 dollars, to Singapore 3.06 tons worth 12,600 dollars, to South Korea 15.74 tons worth 46,325 dollars, and to the United States 1.92 tons estimated at 7,914 dollars.

Jelly fish is processed into raw material for food or cakes, and also often as mixture in cosmetics. (*)