Fri, 12 Aug 1994

Lack of seats at railway stations

From Neraca

As a Jakarta residence, I used to travel by train to my work place and back every working day because it is the only fast and cheap means of public transportation in the city.

I, and perhaps many other commuters who used to travel by train, are proud of the city's railway stations with their grand architectural style.

Why can't our government afford to build railway stations like those in advanced countries.

I'm sure a large amount of the money is needed to fund the construction of such railway stations. If the funds had been obtained through loans from a foreign country, then hard work is required to repay the loans.

As far as the stations are concerned, I also wonder why despite their grand architecture, they are not equipped with facilities which are needed by people waiting for the trains. For example, people have to stand inside the waiting room due to a lack of benches. Even though the room is often filled with thousands of people, only four benches are provided.

Therefore, I appeal to the management of the state-owned railway company, PJKA, to pay serious attention to the problem. I do believe the management must have enough money to buy such facilities. Most of the passengers already have to stand during their journeys aboard the overcrowded trains. So, it is unfair not to provide them with seats while they are waiting for the trains.