Mon, 30 Oct 2000

Kupang hosts cultural festival

KUPANG, East Nusa Tenggara: In a bid to renew calls to maintain national unity in diversity, the Directorate General of Culture is holding an Indonesian Cultural Week here through Oct. 30.

"We want to make people see that culture can actually solve the crisis facing our country. We want to remind people of the pledge of unity this nation's founding fathers made a long time ago," Director of History and Museums at the Ministry of National Education, Anhar Gonggong, said.

The noted historian stated that politicians who lacked cultural awareness had contributed to the current security problems.

"Our politician have long forgotten their cultural values. Power is divorced from cultural sensitivity and, because of this, many people, even the politicians, resort to conflict and violence in solving problems," Anhar said.

An archeological exhibition on pre-historic men and an exhibition on rare East Nusa Tenggara textiles, competitions on telling folklore, drawing competitions for children, an Indonesian food festival, and music, film and drama events are the highlights of the week-long festival. (edt)