Wed, 24 May 2000

KPU official suspect in fraud case

JAKARTA (JP): Chief of the logistics bureau at the General Elections Commission (KPU) Achmad Latief has been declared a suspect in a malfeasance case which caused Rp 5 billion in losses to the government.

Col. Aloysius Mudjiono, chief of the directorate on government fund cases at the Jakarta Police Headquarters, said Achmad, who has been detained since May 19, would be tried forthwith.

He said Achmad was suspected of involvement in fraud in a commission project to supply flags and party attributes before and during the 1999 election campaign.

"Achmad has been declared a suspect after the police questioned 15 witnesses who knew about the leakage of funds from the project," he said.

Mudjiono said Achmad confessed to making a fraudulent order for 1.2 million flags at a price of Rp 8,000 each from PT Sass Kencana.

"Achmad gained more than Rp 5 billion from the fictitious project," he said as quoted by Antara.

Mudjiono claimed that Bambang Mintoko, Clara Sitompul and Saut Aritonang, all KPU members, were also involved in the corruption. He said Achmad said during questioning the three were involved in dividing part of the money to the 48 political parties which gained Rp 107 million each from the bogus project. (rms)