Fri, 10 Jan 2003

KPKPN readies last shots at big names

Tiarma Siboro, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

Toward the end of its existence, the Public Servants' Wealth Audit Commission (KPKPN) will fire more shots this month at big names for their questionable wealth reports submitted to the commission.

The commission will summon for clarification later this month a total of 31 state officials, including State Minister of State Enterprises Laksamana Sukardi, Chief Justice Bagir Manan, House of Representatives Speaker Akbar Tandjung and People's Consultative Assembly Deputy Speaker Ginandjar Kartasasmita.

In addition, according to one source at KPKPN, the commission also aims to target MPR members and former finance minister Fuad Bawazier and Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI Perjuangan) executive Roy B. B. Janis.

"When comparing their monthly salaries with their assets, we find the reports of these state officials from the executive, legislative and judicial institutions questionable," the source told The Jakarta Post on Thursday.

The source said the commission would cross-check all information in the wealth reports with available data and also information from the officials themselves.

According to data at KPKPN, Fuad's reported wealth was valued at Rp 45 billion (US$5 million), including Rp 30 billion in gifts from third parties. Akbar Tandjung, who had been convicted of corruption, registered a personal estate worth Rp 33.4 billion ($3.03 million).

Meanwhile, Ginandjar reported assets worth Rp 25.6 billion plus US$340,000. He also admitted that he received gifts from third parties worth Rp 500 million between 1993 and 2000.

"When we find that the reports show irregularities, we will submit them to the police for further investigation," the source who asked to be anonymity told The Jakarta Post.

Earlier, KPKPN deputy chairman Muchayat said the commission would continue to pursue clarification from President Megawati Soekarnoputri and her husband Taufik Kiemas for their reported wealth.

Both Megawati and her husband have also failed to meet the commission's request for verification of their wealth.

Taufik Kiemas, also a legislator of PDI Perjuangan, declared assets worth Rp 59 billion. He claimed to have accumulated wealth through his family's businesses, including a number of gasoline stations in the city.

KPKPN, whose existence will be replaced by an anticorruption commission yet to be established, has made daring moves against a number of high-ranking officials suspected of corruption.

KPKPN showed its mettle after it launched an investigation into the concealed wealth of Attorney General M.A. Rachman. The commission then forwarded the results of its investigation to the police.

Under the Anticorruption Commission Law, KPKPN will be replaced after a year by the anticorruption commission which will have more power than KPKPN. Unlike KPKPN, the new commission will have the power to investigate and prosecute suspected corruptors.

KPKPN requested the Supreme Court for a judicial review on Thursday into the Anticorruption Commission Law.