Mon, 17 Jan 2000

Korean viciously stabbed to death

JAKARTA (JP): A South Korean was viciously murdered by a man, believed to be of the same nationality, following a verbal dispute outside a karaoke music club in Curug, Tangerang, early on Sunday morning, an officer said.

Tangerang Police chief Lt. Col. Pudji Hartanto identified the victim as Kim Gai Jun, 35, who worked for PT Coriteknomik in Cukang Galih village in Curug.

Police have named the suspect as Jang Yung Un, who is currently at large.

"The motive is so far unknown. Two security guards at the karaoke music club said they saw a Korean coming out of the club, with a knife in his hand.

According to the club's security guards, both Koreans were initially involved in a loud verbal dispute at about 2 a.m.," Pudji told The Jakarta Post.

"We have found a key witness here, who might even turn out to be a suspect. Blood from the victim was splattered all over his shirt," he said, without giving a further explanation.

Kim died on the way to Tangerang General Hospital of an excessive loss of blood, caused by stab wounds to his stomach, hips, back and hands.

"We'll soon hand this case over to the Jakarta Police, since it involves a foreigner," Pudji said. (ylt)