Fri, 25 Feb 2000

KONI to propose 11 sports for 2001 SE Asian Games

JAKARTA (JP): The National Sports Council (KONI) will propose 11 sports to feature in the 2001 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in Kuala Lumpur.

KONI secretary-general Rudolf S. Warouw named the 11 sports as wrestling, judo, fencing, rowing and canoeing, softball, table tennis, archery, soft tennis, equestrian events, water skiing and beach volleyball.

Warouw said host Malaysia would likely name 25 sports -- track and field, swimming, gymnastics, shooting, indoor volleyball, basketball, hockey, soccer, sepak takraw, cycling, weightlifting, windsurfing, karate, pencak silat, boxing, wushu, tae kwon do, badminton, tennis, squash, billiard and snooker, golf, bowling, net ball and lawn ball -- to feature in the biennial event.

Warouw said the proposal would be discussed in the SEA Games Federation council meeting in Kuala Lumpur from March 9 to March 12, which he will attend. Warouw will be accompanied by KONI vice chairman Harsuki and official in charge of foreign affairs Indra Kartasasmita.

"We will also hear other countries' proposals to know which countries want the same sports that we do featured in the event," he said.

KONI called sports organization officials to attend a meeting early this week to discuss the country's preparation for the Games.

Warouw said KONI aimed to win the overall title after Indonesia was relegated to third place in the 1999 Games in Brunei Darussalam.

Indonesia only brought home 44 golds, 43 silvers and 58 bronzes, far from overall champion Thailand with 65 golds, 48 silvers and 56 bronzes and runner-up Malaysia with 57 golds, 45 silvers and 42 bronzes.

Warouw said KONI would have to lobby other participating countries so that the sports in which Indonesia had a strong possibility of winning medals were included in the event.

"We have to learn from our experience in Chiang Mai where there were some sports featured despite their absence from international sports federation rules," he said.

However, Warouw was surprise that the council meeting was held before the federation sports committee meeting.

"Usually, the SEA Games Federation stages the sports committee meeting first before the council meeting. I will have to call the federation official on the matter," he said.

"If the federation were to stage the sports committee meeting first, KONI would most likely send the official in charge of athletes development, Mochammad Hindarto, to attend it," he added.

KONI will need nearly Rp 100 billion to train 1,297 athletes for nearly two years to fulfill its ambition to be the overall champion. It also plans to send athletes for tryouts on two occasions. Only 60 percent of the 1,297 will be in the SEA Games contingent. (yan)