Sat, 26 Feb 2000

KONI is expected to pay for archers' expenses

JAKARTA (JP): The Indonesian Archery Association (Perpani) deputy secretary-general, Andi Suhendro, has expressed hope that the National Sports Council (KONI) will pay the expenses of the Olympics women's team during their one-month stint in South Korea.

"We really hope that KONI will be able to pay for the four women's archer's expenses during their tryouts in South Korea for one month. Hopefully, the incentive KONI gives will be the same as that given to tae kwon doins," he said on Thursday after a meeting with KONI and sports organizations.

Perpani is grooming Hamdiah and Lusia Elisabeth to compete in the Olympic Games in Sydney in September. They will be accompanied by two of three athletes: Dahliana, Rosena Gelanteh and Purnama Pandiangan.

Senior archer Nurfitriyana has resigned from training due to her age of 38. Assistant coach Daniel Lumalesil also plans to resign from his post, but Perpani has yet to approve the move.

Andi also expressed dissatisfaction at the Rp 50,000 (US$6.70) per day for room and board allotted to national athletes being groomed to compete in the Sydney Olympic Games.

"The amount is not enough because food prices have been increasing lately. Perpani has to buy our archers' extra food to meet their nutritional needs," he said.

The KONI vice chairman, Arie Sudewo, said KONI would not be able to fulfill all sports organizations' demands to pay for their overseas training programs.

"KONI only provides $1,800 for overseas stints twice to each sports organization. But during overseas training, we still give them the Rp 50,000 daily board and lodging fees," he said.

"If the cost of overseas training is more than $1,800, it's the organizations' job to cover the expenses."

Arie said that KONI would also help sports organizations pay foreign coaches' salaries.

"We have to discuss the figure with the organizations. If we can pay for all foreign coaches' salaries, then we'll do it. If we can't, the organizations must help us by paying half of the amount."

Andi said Perpani hoped KONI could pay for South Korea coach Lee Jae-hyun's expenses during his stay here. Lee receives $2,000 salary in U.S. currency and $1,000 salary in rupiah at an exchange rate of Rp 5,000 to the dollar. Andi hoped KONI could help pay the rent for Lee's house and car.

Speaking about Perpani's debts owed to several parties, Andi said the Perpani chairman, Hayono Isman, had returned from his business trip in London and had ordered him and secretary-general Udi Harsono to handle the problem.

"We are discussing our debts with some people and will pay them off soon," he said, adding that nearly Rp 100 million was owed. (yan)