Sun, 25 Nov 2001

`Kompas' TV goes on air Sunday

JAKARTA: A new TV channel will officially begin broadcasting on Sunday, marking the debut of the Kompas-Gramedia group, the nation's largest publishing house, in the television broadcast industry.

Not surprisingly, in its trial run TV7 will utilize the expertise of Kompas-Gramedia's publishing units in producing and managing some of its locally produced, or in-house programs.

The station's news department, run mostly by former Kompas editors, has prepared a series of features. It will also run a nightly series during Ramadhan called A Thousand Moon Night, which revolves around the fasting month.

TV7 will initially only be available to residents of Greater Jakarta through channel UHF 49. Subscribers to Kabel Vision will also be able to tune their sets to the new channel. -- JP