Wed, 17 May 2000

Kodak clarifies

I refer to Daripin Wongso's letter Not a pretty picture (The Jakarta Post, May 13, 2000). We would like to clarify certain points that were raised by the writer.

MacIndo is the authorized distributor of Kodak digital cameras. It offers after-sales service for our digital cameras to customers within the warranty period and after this period. Most of the cameras that require major repairs are sent to Kodak Singapore, as they require specialized equipment which MacIndo does not have.

Daripin's DC240 was sent in for repair nine months after purchase. No problem was encountered during this period of use. Our technician checked and found that the teeth of the lens were broken. Under normal usage, the teeth will not break. However, when the lens is not allowed to move freely when switched on (e.g. when it is powered on in a confined area or when the lens is not being blocked by the hand), the lens will be forced to protrude, thereby causing the teeth to give way.

We have sold Kodak digital cameras for more than five years and there have been rare occasions that such an incidence does and can occur.

The actual cost of repair quoted to Daripin was S$380, when he was in Singapore. However, as he had to leave for Jakarta and needed the camera back urgently, we quoted him a special goodwill price of S$200, which is not even enough to cover our cost of labor. Daripin did not take up the offer and wanted a full refund for his purchase of US$600, less S$200 for the repairs.

We would have been glad to give a full refund if the camera had not been used. As he had used the camera for more than nine months, we used the internationally accepted depreciation of 30 percent and deducted the actual cost of repair, which is S$380 (for a refund the customer must return a good working camera). Hence, the refund amount of US$177 was arrived at.

Kodak is a world-class manufacturer that is proud of producing quality products. We will be more than happy to take back our digital cameras if our customers do not find them satisfactory, within one week after purchase.


Sales Manager

Digital & Applied Imaging

Kodak Singapore Pte Ltd