Thu, 03 Aug 2000

KKN alleged in West Java

BANDUNG: A special provincial council committee on graft in the West Java administration alleged on Tuesday that Governor R. Nuriana may be involved in corruption.

Committee secretary Rizal Fadillah said the Governor "could be involved in formulating policies that are based on corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN) which have caused the state to lose around Rp 209 billion".

He said Nuriana was possibly involved in at least six cases, including a land exchange deal in the northern part of Bandung, a land dispute in Situ Cipondoh and the embezzlement of tax funds from the Public Lights (PPJU) service.

The 30-member committee concluded from a three-month investigation, which began on April 17, that the Situ Cipondoh and PPJU cases had cost the state around US$15 million and Rp 42 billion respectively.

"The governor knew all along that the deals violated existing regulations," Rizal remarked.

"We plan to summon Nuriana for an explanation of these cases and we're currently preparing our petition," Rizal added. (25/edt)