Wed, 29 Mar 2000

Key government officials still holding two jobs

JAKARTA (JP): Senior United Development Party legislator Aisyah Aminy and Golkar's Yahya Zaini called on members of the House of Representatives who hold dual posts in the government to resign from the legislature.

They pointed out that it has been almost six months since the new government was formed and there are still several House members who have not resigned, despite holding positions in the executive branch or other government offices.

Such dual posts are in violation of the Law on the Composition and Role of House and People's Consultative Assembly members, Aisyah said on Monday.

Among those who retain dual posts are Vice President Megawati Soekarnoputri, Coordinating Minister for Economy, Finance and Industry Kwik Kian Gie, Minister of Forestry and Plantations Nur Mahmudi Ismail, State Minister for Investment and State Enterprises Development Laksamana Sukardi, and Laksamana's assistant for investment and state enterprises development, Benny Pasaribu.

It is not clear whether people like Arifin Panigoro and J.E. Sahetapy are also obliged to quit from the House. Arifin is a member of the National Business Development Council (DPUN), while Sahetapy is the chairman of the National Commission of Law.

Several ministers already have vacated their legislative posts: State Minister for the Empowerment of Women Khofifah Indar Parawangsa, Minister of Cooperatives Zarkasih Nur, Minister of Law and Legislation Yusril Ihza Mahendra and Minister of Foreign Affairs Alwi Shihab.

"Without any intention of interfering with the political affairs and internal matters of other parties, a dual position in the government and the legislative body is against the law," said Aisyah Amini.

"They have to choose either to stay in the legislative body or in the government," said Yahya Zaini, as quoted by Antara. (mds)