Wed, 12 Sep 2001

Kalijati developed for combat planes

SUBANG, West Java (JP): The Indonesian National Air Force (TNI-AU) will develop Kalijati Air Base in Subang, West Java to become the home-base for combat planes, an official said.

The development of the air base is aimed at supporting Jakarta's defense system, the chief of staff of TNI-AU, Air Marshal Hanafie Asnan said on Saturday during a ceremony marking the changing of the name of the air base to Suryadi Suryadarma Air Base.

Suryadi Suryadarma Air Base is one of nine air bases on the island of Java. Currently, there are 43 air bases across the entire country.

Suryadi is the name of a pioneer who established TNI-AU and was also the first air force chief.

The air base is regarded as the first education center for pilots here, used as such since the Dutch colonial era.

The air base provides education for pilots as well as for those involved in air activities, including a school for helicopter pilots, a technical school and a paragliding and parachuting school. (04)