Sat, 27 Sep 2003


'Should we allow merciless leaders to govern the country?'

Earlier in September, a second-year student of the government- run Public Administration Institute (STPDN) died after some seniors beat and straggled him for alleged indiscipline. The Jakarta Post asked some people for their opinion on the issue.

Wisnu, 25, is the former University of Indonesia Student Council chairman. He lives in Bekasi with his family:

I was sorry to hear about the fatal incident at STPDN. I also condemn the violence used by the senior students there.

It seems that the institution has a culture of violence which allow such incidents to occur unchecked, and it has existed for years.

The school has abused the public's trust and hopes of creating better leaders for the country.

Hasan, 34, lives in Pejompongan, Central Jakarta, and works as a newspaper boy:

I think an educational institution like that is absolutely intolerable. It is inhumane and immoral.

I read in the papers that many students there were involved in premarital sex and abortion. Others were drug abusers. What a school!

Should, we allow ourselves to be governed by corrupt and merciless leaders?

Pardi, not his real name, 33, is a law school graduate in East Jakarta. He is a civil servant at the Attorney General's Office and lives in Pondok Aren, Tangerang, with his wife and three children:

I'm sure that STPDN is not a military school and the military- type students are very unprofessional in having an attitude that they could kill others.

However, I think that education for would-be bureaucrats is still important, but the system should be totally reformed.

Leo Wahyudi S