Tue, 06 Aug 2002


Jordan's peace contribution

Restarting the inspection of Aqaba-bound cargo would unnecessarily hurt Jordan and hurt the United States. The region is going through too sensitive a period for Washington to contemplate taking hasty decisions that have no political, legal or economic grounds.

There's no reason to question the country's abidance by UN resolutions. Despite the heavy price it has paid as a result of the sanctions on Iraq, Jordan has evidently fulfilled its commitments to the international community under UN Security Council Resolutions.

The U.S. is said to be worried about smuggling Iraqi oil through Aqaba. It would not take much to verify that no such operation is taking place. No oil tankers dock at Aqaba and the port is not equipped to handle oil shipments.

It is also incomprehensible why the United States would want to impose unnecessary new burdens on the Jordanian economy. Jordan has been a model for moderation, openness and tolerance in the conflict prone Middle East. Its role in spreading peace and stability has earned it the respect of friend and foe alike. --The Jordan Times, Amman