Mon, 27 Jun 2005



Poso bombing suspect released

PALU: Poso Police in Central Sulawesi released bombing suspect Mohammad Syafri Kuna alias Andreas, 26, due to lack of evidence.

Andreas' father, Dahlan Kuna, told Antara on Friday -- a day after his son's release -- that the police should have freed Andreas on Monday but this had not happened.

"The police said that Mohammad was released in good health. In reality, however, my son had to be treated at Poso General Hospital due to the abuse he sustained at the hands of the police," he said.

The release certificate was signed after doctors allowed Andreas to leave the hospital.

Andreas was detained on June 3 following the bombings at Tentena on May 28 that killed over 20 people.

Based on Law No. 15/2003 on terrorism, however, a suspect may not be detained for more than a week if there is insufficient evidence, which meant that Andreas should have been released on June 10.

Andreas said that several parts of his body were still sore, and he often suffered from bouts of trembling. He said police had acted too hastily in detaining him. -- Antara

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YLKI launches 'consumer month'

JAKARTA: The Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI) is encouraging people to file complaints about dodgy medicinal and pharmaceutical products as part of its Medicinal Products Consumer Month, which was launched on Thursday and will continue through July 31.

In a press release, the YLKI said that it had recorded a large number of cases involving medicinal and pharmaceutical products, including misuse of medicines, the high price of medicine, supplements disguised as medicine, dubious medicinal content and counterfeit medicines.

Complaints can be submitted by mail to the YLKI, Jl. Pancoran Barat VII No. 1, Duren Tiga, South Jakarta 12760; telephone to 021-7971378/7981858/7981859 (with Ms. Dani); fax to 021-7981038; through the YLKI website; by e-mail to; or by filling in the form at the back of the brochures distributed by the YLKI. -- JP