Sat, 04 Aug 2001


From Surabaya Post

Look to Singapore

Indonesia will have a new Cabinet. As a member of ASEAN which was early dubbed ASEAN's "Big Brother" I think it would be appropriate for us to study review the economic achievements of one of our neighbors: Singapore.

When Singapore was ruled by Britain, Lee Kuan Yew set up the People's Action Party in 1954 and become the first Prime Minister of an independent Singapore in 1961. Since 1990 he became Senior Minister.

One of the country's senior economists, Lim Siew Yea, conveyed his views on the PAP regarding its success in building the nation. He wrote, "Essentially pragmatic in its outlook, the PAP is unhampered by ideological dogma. Rooted in reality, it shows itself to be versatile, in devising unconventional but practical policies, to fulfill the changing needs of the country. With rationalism as its guiding principles, the PAP has succeeded in turning Singapore from a Third World country, with no natural resources, into a competitive nation in the global scene, with its adoption to technological innovation."

Lim Siew Yea added, "Cohesive within itself and honest in its working, the PAP has proven its leadership capable, highly efficient and productive, one able to secure high economic growth and stability for the nation."

If the meaning of the last sentence were applied to the morale and culture of the forthcoming Indonesian Cabinet, we hope the results can be enjoyed by the people in the near future.