Fri, 11 Jun 2004


Mega-Hasyim painting contest offers $$$

SURAKARTA, Central Java: The campaign team of incumbent president Megawati Soekarnoputri will hold a painting competition on Sunday at Surakarta Cultural Park, Surakarta, with a cash prize of Rp 87.5 million (US$9,211).

Unlike other painting competitions in which contestants choose their own subjects and themes, participants of this competition will paint only Megawati and running mate Hasyim Muzadi.

Hajar Satoto, head of the competition's organizing committee, said some 350 artists nationwide had submitted an entry form. -- Antara

;JP;ASA; ANPAa..r.. Amien-Siswono-Friday


Amien-Siswono told not to misuse sermons

PADANG, West Sumatra: A member of the West Sumatra General Elections Commission (KPU) called on Amien Rais and Siswono Yudohusodo not to slip campaign messages into their speech during Friday prayers in the province.

Amien is scheduled to lead locals in Friday prayers at a Padang Panjang mosque in the province, while Siswono is scheduled to deliver a sermon at another mosque in Bukittinggi.

KPU West Sumatra member Ardyan said the occasions were not included in Amien and Siswono's campaign schedule. -- Antara

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Just say 'no' to generals, urges PRD

PALEMBANG, South Sumatra: Chairman of the People's Democratic Party (PRD) Yusuf Lakaseng called on the people not to be misled by the "smiling generals" ahead of the presidential election.

"General Soeharto used to smile while he ruled the country, but behind that smile, human rights violations were going on unchecked," said Yusuf.

People should thus learn from the past and not vote for candidates with military backgrounds, he said, referring to Gen. (ret) Wiranto and Gen. (ret) Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. -- Antara

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Hamzah bid a ploy to block Amien: PKB

SURAKARTA, Central Java: The deputy chairman of the National Awakening Party (PKB), Mahfud M.D., shared on Thursday an analysis of incumbent Vice President Hamzah Haz's bid for the presidency.

During a seminar in Surakarta, he said United Development Party (PPP) chairman Hamzah was running for president not because he sought the presidency; instead, the move was intentionally aimed at blocking Amien Rais' chances.

"If Hamzah runs for president, it will divide Muslim votes between him and Amien, who will get less votes, and open the way for Megawati to make it to the runoff," said Mahfud.

During the September runoff, he added, Hamzah would mobilize his supporters to vote for Megawati. -- Antara