Wed, 16 Mar 2005

From: Jawawa


Advantages and disadvantages of CNG and gasoline

CNG Advantages Disadvantages

1. Price per liter is lower Cost of conversion kit installation 2. Environmentally safeFew CNG stations 3. Less air pollutionGovt not serious about conversion 4. Produced domestically- 5. Extends life of engine, oil and spark plugs- 6. High ignition temperature, Reduced power at high speed cleaner combustion 7. Water/dust not absorbed into gas storage as opening is covered 8. Fit for big busesLarger tank 9. Lower maintenance costs -

Gasoline AdvantagesDisadvantages

1. -Price per liter higher 2. Ample gasoline stationsMore air pollution 3. Produced domesticallyShort oil, engine and spark plug life 4. No conversion kit costs Environment unfriendly 5. -Higher maintenance costs

Various sourcesJP/Agus-Darul Aqsha